Shamrock Squad

Shamrock Squad is a community of special needs Families on the mission to make outdoors accessible for all needs!

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June 10th at Lough Boora Discovery Park, Co. Offaly as part of our support walk and #EUGreenWeek learn about simple steps to take to protect and preserve nature in judgement free adventure with us, Squad members and support representatives! 


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Walks and Hikes

Shamrock squad is on an adventure almost every Saturday during the school year. Sometimes it’s just a Nature trail, but other times our squad would venture on a hike to test their endurance. 

We plan to host open walks as often as possible with different support representatives to join us on the day for a chat and information.

On the blog you will find maps, our experience, a sensory overload chart and difficulty badges as well as nature treasure hunt printouts.

Video guides of the specific locations, dangers and detailed path is available on our YouTube channel to help with planning and preparation.

Games, Picnics and events

To keep the squad engaged we preplan various games to play or items to find during the adventure. I spy… nature hunt charts are location based, laminated fun activities that keep the explorers busy and curious during the outdoor activity. 

It is not working all the time and takes a lot of breathing exercises for us mama frogs to keep them going, but it’s worth it at the end. 

We precook lunch and have a picnic to celebrate the end of the exploration!

Shamrock squad are trying out different local events to promote inclusion for special needs families. Lots of planning and preparation goes into these. Our goal is to educate all sides involved to make these events as inclusive and enjoyable as possible.


Leave No Trace Sand Dune Celebration

Picnic after a hike

I spy… Nature Hunt chart – all done!

Environmentally Aware

On our outdoors activities we Practice Leave no Trace 7 principles.

Shamrock Squad explorers has come up with a game, they have called it “Trash Hunters”.

Children are always scanning the area we are visiting for litter. We leave only footprints and take only memories and are encouraging others to do the same. Our group picks up and disposes of the rubbish responsibly during our outdoor’s activities.

Shamrock Squad video guides and other adventures

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